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Throughout our lives, gravity puts pressure on our vertebrae and joints. But in gravity stretching it heals us.
Try the unique practice of Gravity Stretching to heal your back and joints, as well as improve your flexibility and athletic performance.
Stretching occurs under the influence of gravity - the most powerful and most mysterious force of nature.
All exercises are performed hanging or semi-hanging on special equipment.
Easy, relaxing, but very effective.
Available for any age and body condition. .
Mini-group class up to 5 people allow you to deeply relax and thoroughly work out the whole body.

*All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah.

Group session
Class for maximum 5 persons duration 90 min.
Deep and gentle relaxation and stretching of your entire body.
Level - for beginners, for diagnostics, for keeping fit.
Half-hanging exercises with support on the floor are simple and at the same time very effective.
Come with your family, friends or colleagues. Combine pleasant leisure time with health benefits.
A group lesson allows the trainer to choose the best program for you for the next sessions.
The language of instruction is English. For organized groups, Indonesian, Russian and Ukrainian languages are available.
Price per 1 person.

250 000
Gravity Therapy. Personal recovery session.
All exercises are specifically designed to heal your
Problem: back and joint pain, posture curvature,
recovery from injuries, stroke, childbirth, pregnancy,
migraine and much more.
Sessions with a senior trainer are available at double the price.

Duration from 90 min.
600 000
Advanced private class "Gravity Body Lab"
Explore your body's needs and superpowers.
Highest levels of exercise, self-exploration of
the body, energy and mind. Meditation in
motion. For those in improving.
Level - for advanced practitioners performing the program in a half-hanging position in a relaxed state.
Exercises in full hanging and upside down with elements of creativity and experimentation.
Duration 90 min.
Sessions with a senior trainer are available at double the price.
600 000
Couple Gravity Experience
This is a special session just for the two of you.
You'll get: recovery and stretching of your body prevention of back and joint pain, deep relax, emotional interaction in a couple, trust and mutual support, sharing new experiences, unforgettable memories.
The level of exercise depends on your conditioning. Turn on
exercises in full hanging and upside down with elements of interaction in pairs.
Price per two.
900 000
More products
Buy a pass for 10 sessions and
get the 11th as a complementary gift
By the way, for those who like to give gifts...
Gift Voucher
For friends, parents, family and loved ones. And even for those who “already have everything and don’t know what to give” ;).
Give them the key to health and an unforgettable experience from gravity stretching!
You can buy a gift certificate for one or several classes at your discretion.
Gift certificates are available both on paper and electronically, that is, you can simply send them by message in any messenger.

A small cozy gravity stretching studio in a quiet place for useful leisure time with family or friends.
Mini groups of up to 5 people allow you to deeply relax and thoroughly work out your whole body.
Location - in the heart of Bali, in Umalas, between Seminyak and Canggu.

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Feel free to write, call, and visit us. We really love to communicate with our clients.
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