“Rope yoga - your best choice!”
New way back to a rejuvenated and vital body.
We use gravity in our practice. This is why all exercises are performed in suspended or half-suspended condition.
Lightweight, available, and sustainable.
Suitable for a home or professional use.
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If you have truly appreciated the effectiveness of the Gravity practices and now feel the urge to share this knowledge with other people – we are offering you this opportunity.
Regardless of age!
My deepest belief is there is a teacher for every student and vice versa. We have tough the instructors of all ages – younger than 30, older than 50 and even wiser than 70. Listen and hear yourself: choose the best method and the most suitable level. If it inspires you – we say, dare to try! I will try to do my best and put my best effort to make you feel confident that your further teaching process will be safe, sustainable, effective, and, of course, fulfilling.

Teacher training course embodies all the personal experience I have gathered through the years of my studies and practice meeting different people and treating different health issues. I will be glad to share everything I know. As you practice, you will narrow down your own scope of interest and will form your own specialisation:
Gravity stretching for dancing and sports?
Gravity yoga for self-discovery and deepening spiritual practice?
Maybe kids and expecting mummies will become your target audience?
If you feel the calling to heal people, maybe your path is Gravity therapy?
Gravity practices will serve as valuable tool for the experienced health professionals
(physiotherapists, masseurs, manual therapists, osteopaths, somatic therapists etc.).
After the practice session, whatever your intervention will be, you will be able to deliver it more successfully
and with greater results.
of the Gravity practices by Andrey Molodtsov
Of all tensions, stretching the entire spine and joints
Straightening scoliosis and other spine deformities
Treating hernias, disc protrusions, ruptures, and spinal tensions. Easing post traumatic recovery and rehabilitation process after illnesses
Treating neck pain
Stretching the neck, healing headaches and even migraines
Hip opening
Opening pelvic region, hip joints, awakening sexuality, healing reproductive issues, preparing for lotus pose and splits
Backflow of fluids
Cleansing of the entire circulatory and lymphatic systems using gravity during the inverted postures
Tighter belly and reduced size
As the backbone stretches out of the pelvic area, it liberates extra space for the internal organs, hence improving their functionality and tightening the belly
Rejuvenation processes within the entire body and the face are activated
Teacher training course is led either individually or in small groups in persona and online.

In the occasion of online teacher training course, I will provide all live tutorials. All tests and exams will be also held via live sessions so I can provide the necessary feedback, adjustments, and comments immediately. All Skype lectures will be recorded, and you will receive a personalised tutorial for your further use. On average, the duration of the Teacher training course is one up to one and a half month.

In couple month time you will be able to pass the knowledge to your own audience be that in private or in your own studio.

Each student is taught adjusting the time and schedule to his/her own needs: quality is our priority and we have nowhere to rush.
Where can I find more information about the method? 
Basic information can be found on our website gravity-practices.com
We put our best effort to collect and summarise all the available information about the method in one place. 

All our video materials can be found on our Youtube channel. Please subscribe: 

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Who will be teaching me?
Every class is led by the author of the method, Andrey Molodtsov, personally. Every homework is corrected, and every recommendation is provided by Andrey himself as he takes personal responsibility for everyone choosing Gravity practices as his/her path. 
What is the syllabus of the course?
Each new student must pass the BASIC COURSE test. Depending on skills and physical condition, we develop a personalised course, set up our goals and task for the whole duration of the teacher training course.

  • 1st module is dedicated to teaching the BASIC COURSE.
  • 2nd module is dedicated to more complex set of exercises, adjustments, gravity therapy, specifics of teaching the practices to the kids, expecting women and elderly people.
  • Each lesson consists of:
  • Theory
  • Practice and adjustments
  • Personal practice
  • Q&A
What is the form of teaching?
A student can pick his/her own time for watching the video tutorials. Total duration of the course must not exceed two consecutive months. After watching a video tutorial, a student is required to memorise a certain number of exercises and accomplish a homework if asked.

When a student feels he/she has mastered the exercises included in the video materials, we agree on a Skype session and arrange the details to pass the exam. Before the final exam session, every student has an opportunity to ask all the questions regarding the Gravity practices.

My WhatsApp number is always available.
Reach me via message: +380671941066

Please do not call, I most probably will be in the middle of the session, but I will find time to answer to your message.
How are online sessions held? Are they recorded?
We use Skype platform for our live sessions.
Skype provides an opportunity for double video recording and saving the recorded call within the 30 days period. Each student can use the recorded content for further practices.
What are the technical requirements for our online sessions?
All you need is a phone, tablet or computer with a camera and a solid internet connection.

When setting up the camera, use the vertical position of the phone so the video is not cut on the edges. You can use a tripod if needed or simply fixate the camera so that it includes a full body picture, and every exercise can be well seen. Make sure that that the light is not coming directly into the camera as it will damage the quality of the recording.

Be ready on the agreed time for the exam session and don’t forget to press the “Rec” button.
Are there any tests or exams?
Yes, of course. I am very responsible when it comes to teaching my method and preparing the next instructors. I will personally lead every Skype session and evaluate every test.
When a student passes the exam, I open the access for the next lesson. If I see necessary, I can ask to reassess the test or exam. I encourage to try and make the most of the each try, respect your time and mine!

At the end of the course, you will receive an international certificate.
Are there any mandatory internships/ practical teaching sessions?
A student will be required to agree with a friend or a family member to assist for the practical part of the teacher training. I always suggest choosing different people to ensure the maximum benefit.  
What is the duration of the course?
The duration may vary. On average it takes 1 – 2 months. This is exactly why I give 2 months to make sure everyone can accomplish the course.

Upon completion, you take the final exam and receive a certificate along with my blessing for your further endeavours. I add all graduates in the list of instructors on my website so that people in your city can find and contact you.
Will I be able to certificate other teachers myself?
No. After completion of the Teacher training course you will be able to work with clients.  Your primary goal will be gather as much experience as possible. Also, it is of great importance for me as an author of the method, that it is preserved and passed over without amendments. 
Currently, I am the only one who can certify and teach the method of Gravity practices.

I am considering founding a proper school where I might teach and certify specialists, but for now, please respect this condition.
Benefits of the course
Most importantly, you will learn this practice for your own benefit, for your own personal transformation. It might open completely new perspectives for your future personal and professional growth.

You will learn basic and yet valuable skills for working with clients. Together, we will go through every level of Gravity practices. You will learn the adjustments from the positions of the student and the comments from the position of a teacher. We will analyse different situations and try to come up with suitable solutions for each of them.
My student and her new studio in Kazakhstan
Watch a video from my student's Gravity practices studio in Kazakhstan. Irina Berbasova is one of the Teacher training course graduates. She claims that yoga ropes have given her a second life and a brand new start in life!

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Start a new life!
May we all live in a healthier, happier world!
Инструкторский курс гравити практики от Андрея Молодцова
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You will receive a link for video tutorial right after the transfer is completed.

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